The dvd burner will not burn normal cds, when u right click the disc drive and a disc is in it it does not give you an option for format.

When you double click the drive and a blank cd is in it, it says drive is not acessible, and read 0. It would not detect any blank disc, and or burn files or what not. The format option was avaialbe after I installed roxio, here is my question. *note the comp and burner are new straight from HP*

Do you think it is a firmware issue, and if so where can I downlaod the firmware that is needed for this drive to work effectivley, and allow me to burn cds?

Product info:
Model: GCC-H10N

December 2006
F/W: 1.03 H/W:A MECHA: A
CT: 7AA8901KKU2J4R
HP P/N: 410125- 400
DRIVE S/N: 652HA024795

Thank you,

I don't think that it is necesarly a Firmware issue interly. Could be a connection issue or even a BIOS setting.

I first would try to remove the CD DVD and the Hard Disk controller IDE ATA Controller might need to be reinstalled.