Hi guys, i have been having some problems with a Toshiba 2435 S255, some AC problems i think or even motherboard but not tottaly sure. What im sure is i need some help.

So heres the thing, the laptop for a start has a bad contact (or so i think) in the AC adaptor, coz i checked the output and theres nothing wrong with the power adaptor, coz if you touch the cable where it leads to the laptop power supply socket, just a bit the Laptop turns it self off, and if you plug back in, it will just say its working on Batterys, and theres no power in it.
But if you take the battery, plug the AC and then insert the battery with the AC there it starts charging it, or if you just take the battery it will just work.
But if you fiddle with the cable, it will turn itself off(whitout battery), and you have to take the battery insert the ac and then put the battery back on.

It does seem confusing so to resume it.
NO Battery on, fiddle with the cable it goes off.
Battery ON, fiddle with the cable, goes Off, turn ON again, it says theres no AC.
Battery ON, fiddle with the cable, goes off, take battery, turn ON, put battery back on with Laptop ON, everything OK.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thank in Advance.

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