Whilst adding a new hard drive to my PC I was looking for the name of my CD rom to set this to boot first. In doing so I nudged the power cable to the CD Rom drive and lost the connection.

Stupidly, I just went about reconnecting the power to the CD Rom drive while the PC was still powered up.

The system powered off immediately.

Now the system will nto power up at all. Although there is power to the PSU nothing happens when I go to power up.

What have I done? Have I blown the power supply unit? A fuse? (plug has been checked and fuse in plug has been checked) Motherboard?

I believe I will probably need to purchase a new PSU but need some advise to check that this is the case?



I find it odd you managed to knock power cable out, because they are normally difficult to remove.

Any way I suggest you remove power cable from CDROM and then try booting computer.

Watch motherboard as it boots and see if any lights come on. This will determine if the cdrom has blown and is stopping the computer starting.

Whilst you say you have checked fuse in cable, have you tried cable elsewhere ?

If you get no lights on motherboard then sounds like PSU. Therefore if you are not sure what you are doing then I suggest taking computer to a repair shop because they can test it and advise on best course of action.

yeah take it to a pc shop

if the computer has a power switch on the back then turn it off and leave it for a while. Some PSUs have a trip swicth that flips if they short-circuit and this usually resets it.

The only power connectors that dislodge easily when "nudged" are SATA power connectors. Is your CDR a SATA? If it is a SATA drive you may have broken or cracked the power connector on the ROM. Disconnect both the power and data cables to the ROM and power on to test.

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