I recently purchased a Dell Inspirion 1150. When it is plugged in it does not receve poer. the indicator lights on the front flash repeatedly but no power transfers to the battery and no power up is available. Any help would be great!

... and now that i have re assembled it it no longer powers on... lights come on and you can hear either that fan or the cd rom drive but after about 3 second it stops and shuts down

While it's still under warranty, send it back at once to the store where you bought it.

If it was still under warrenty would i have needed to create this thread?

Oops! Well, I just depend on what you were saying. I thought it was a brand new since you said you bought it "recently" means "not long ago". You did not mention that you have just bought an used computer.

Anyway, I think the light flashing refers to power issue. You can try to fix your computer through the following:

1. Plug your AC power adapter directly to the wall outlet. Don't use automatic voltage regulator or whatever alternative power supply source. Check also the output voltage of the automatic voltage regulator (if any).

2. Check the output voltage of the AC power adapter. It should be 19.5 volts.

3. Maybe your power socket or jacket is loose on the motherboard. Try to locate it then solder it.

4. The battery cannot receive anymore charging from the power supply or the battery itself is almost dying.

But anyway, since, I think overheating is not an issue here. Try also to clean the cpu fan.