Hi! For the past few months, I've been having an issue where I hit the power button on my computer (built it in February), and the lights come on and the fans spin, but I get nothing on the monitor, and no POST beep. A month and a half ago, I thought I had figured it out by disconnecting by USB CD/DVD drive before booting, and that worked for around a week before it resumed it's usual boot problems. Two weeks ago, I thought I had figured it out again, by disconnecting a faulty internal CD/DVD drive in my machine, it worked for around five days before it had the problems again. And then five days ago, I thought I had it once and for all; I disconnecting my front USB headers on my motherboard, because they weren't plugged in correctly, and it worked until yesterday.

Here's a detailed description of my problem: I hit the power button, my lights go on, fans spin. Some sort of numbers are displayed on my motherboard flashing very fast, it either says "23-46", "23-56", or "23-45". My monitor just burns orange, and nothing happens. I use a dual monitor set-up, but for a while could only boot with one, so I only boot with one monitor. I change the monitor I boot with and the slot on my video card to see if it'll work, but I get the same problem. It usually takes 5 or 6 tries to boot, today I still haven't booted. It also seems like one quarter of the times I have a successful boot, my USBs on the back of my case aren't working, and therefore my keyboard and mouse don't either. They don't even work in the green and purple connectors.

This problem has literally been driving me crazy for two months, and it's time that I get it fixed. I'm convinced it's my motherboard, but that's not exactly an easy repair (backing up, disconnecting everything, install motherboard, reconnecting everything, restore operating system) and then you're down a few hundred bucks. Please help!!! Thank you SO much!


I had a similar experience last year. I bought a small form factor bare bones kit. It took me several months of hard saving to get the rest of the required components to build it (cpu, drives, ram, video yadda yadda) I finally built it and it didn't work. I laboriously tested all the other components in another system and they all checked out fine. So I concluded the mobo was shot. by this time it was too late for a replacement from the vendor. (shucks) But it was still under warrenty from the manufacturer. So I sent it back at great expense for a repair. I got it back and set it up. It all booted, so I started installing the OS and it would just randomly crash. (Arrghhhhh!!!)

In the end the mobo was a lemon (it was never gonna work) I had bought from a disreputable vendor and I was so out of luck, end of! Had to swallow the loss and start again. It still hurts when I think of it even now.

That's an odd experience.

This morning I stripped it down to barebones, and then eventually left my sound card out, and it booted. Hopefully that'll solve it, but I'll keep you posted if it stops after a few days again. Thanks :D