Hello everyone,

I am shortly building a new rig, consisting of:
abit IL9 pro - motherboard
core 2 duo e4300 - cpu
x850xt - g-card
250gb sata seagate barracuda - hdd
and some other bits and pieces

I was wondering if there was any difference is performance between a 1gb stick of DDR2-800 or 2x512mb sticks of DDR2-800?

Jack Lindsay

Hi Jack, and welcome to Dani Web.

Two 512MB modules running in dual channel will be faster than one 1GB module.

You didn't mention what OS you plan on using, so toward that end let me point out that M$ is suggesting that if you are going to use Vista that you should have at least 1gb of RAM. There are those that from past experience realize that M$ has consistently under rated the RAM requirements necessary to make the OS operate properly. I would also gusset staying away from value RAM.

thanks for the quick reply dcc,

I will be using a combination of XP Pro and various linux distro's, as Vista still has too many bugs for me to get it yet. i will either be getting crucial ram or some OCZ.

Has anyone heard of a brand called GeIL? are they just a value brand or are they good?

Jack Lindsay

GeIl is one of the better ones as well.