I used to always be working on computers whether it was building, repairing, etc. I recently took on the job of refurbishing some machines that were donated to a local non-profit organization. There were several machines, all from the same place with the same operating system and everything. Heres the problem: I cant get one of them to POST. When I power up, all the fans come on, things are sounding normal EXCEPT there is nothing on screen. I did notice that with the other machines, they were in a "quiet boot" mode. When the machines came up, it went straight to a splash screen, then would go into windows. There was no post sounds on the other machines. So my problem is I don't know where to start, I have checked the video card and exchanged it with another card I had. I also exchanged the hard drive. I have not changed out the power supply yet, and I don't have another processor laying around. (well I do, but not the right one) Does anyone have any ideas? It has just been so long since I have done this, I seem to have forgotten everything I used to know.

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My serious advice is to regard this PC as spares for the almost certain next PC that doesn't work properly.

It's only to be expected that some donated PCs won't work for any number of reasons and to have spares is a useful luxury.

seem like a bad mobo. but seeing that all the pc are identical, try one of the other processors on the mobo, but i beleive it's the mobo when u are not getting anything to the monitor or for it to post

Honestly I agree. Motherboards are easily damaged and are the main cause of No Post Boot on a system.

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