Hey guys, i need a new case because my current one just does not get enough air flow goin through it. I would like to keep it under 100 bucks but if you really recommend a good one with a lot of air flow i would appreciate it. I heard Sunbeam, iStarUSA , RAIDMAX, Antec, etc. And I found two online
I don't really know anything about which manufacturer is better so i couldn't really decide. I would like to have a full tower so if you can find any that would be great. Thanks

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Antec is the best one out of the ones you have mentioned. Thermaltake is also good

If you are getting one with a PSU you want a power supply unit NO LOWER than 500w .750 is overkill.

550-650 is good if you want to run current graphics cards etc.... , 500 will do for a desktop pc

$100 dollars should be fine. I got a really nice case for only £49.99 (it about $2 to £1) - picture below.

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