Using W2K

Somehow we lost the multiple colours to our monitor. I have taken out the video card, but don't know what brand it is (it is PCI though). There is an NVIDIA GFORCE2 MX chip on it and I have downloaded the drivers for it.

It's a Viewsonic monitor and I too, have downloaded the drivers for it.

I checked the monitor and cable on another machine and it worked fine.

I noticed on my laptop that under Control Panel - Display - Settings - Display I have "Multiple Monitors on ATI Mobility Radeon (2.58.8 Omega)" and a drop down menu for others if I need them. Using XP.

I noticed in the same area on the computer that's giving trouble, I don't have the same thing. It just says VGA default monitor with no drop down menu.

I did go into Device Manager and check the drivers that are available for Displays and it shows the two NVIDIA drivers I downloaded - one for the chip I mentioned and the other for Nforce

Could the Video card be DOA?

Any other ideas?

This is definitely a driver issue. Sometimes a card needs its utility program to work right, so just the new driver won't do. Goto the home site for the card, and also for the computer. See if there is an updated utility along with the latest driver. IF there is not, then try looking into the archives and use the next oldest driver and utility. Sometimes the newest isn't the greatest. Try and repost.