I have had my computer for over a year so it is not in warranty anymore. I did not put any updates in it. Now it does not start up at all. I hit the power button and all the lights come on for about a second. Then all the lights turn off and it does nothing after that. I have checked the power cord and that is fine. Next I tried to reseat the RAM. That did not work either. Now I have never taken apart my computer either so I might need help to do that. If you need any more information to solve this problem let me know. Also any help to solve this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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Take the battery out and leave it for an hour or so. Once this is done put the battery back in and try powering it on again.

Another thing to try is removing the RAM completely and trying to start the computer up.


I’m having a similar problem with my friends computer. The first time I turned it on it started and gave me a 2 quick beeps and it went to a screen that said that everything was fine. And then rebooted, but when it turned on again the fan runs the blue lights come on but the screen stays black… after 5 or 10 seconds it shuts down and tries to start again.

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can you boot into safe mode...no
when you can't even boot into safe mode you will have to repair xp...

for the how to repair your operating system guides...
go here...

if you don't have a xp cd you will have to borrow one from a friend or coworker...
it has to be the same flavor of xp you have installed...IE: if you have xp pro...the one you borrow has to be xp pro

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