Hi What is the name of the file that replaced config.sys in win 2000

I would like to edit the boot choices as I have a un finished install of Win 2000 that got there when I was trying to format a disk in my computer by starting the install process on the other hdd.

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There is no 'replacement' for config.sys in Windows 2000, or in any of the Windows NT based operating systems. 'config.sys' is a DOS system file, which the earlier Windows versions created because they are 'piggy-backed' over the top of the 16 bit DOD operating system. The NT based OS's are 32 bit OS's, and don't need it.

BHy far the best course of action you could take would be to clean it up by deleting the existing drive partitions, create new ones in their place, and run the Windows 2000 install again, fresh and clean.

Windows XP contains the facility to do all this in its 'Setup' routine when you boot from the Windows CD. I'm pretty sure that the Windows 2000 CD will do the same, but perhaps one of the Windows 2000 users here can verify this?

I would like to edit the boot choices...

If by that you mean that you now have a menu giving you 2 choices of Windows to boot into, but you need to delete the bogus one, the file you want to edit is "boot.ini" (located in C:\).

The unfinished boot entry should be in c:\boot.ini


Thanks that was what I was looking for .............but I did a search and there is no file called boot.ini on the system anywhere.

That is what I thought it was called but I can not find it.

could it have got temporarily renamed during the install process.

It's a hidden system file; you need to have Windows Explorer's view options set to display all files.


I have it set on that .the file is just not there yet I still get the milti boot screen but I can not figure where it is drawing the file from.

could it be renamed during the aborted install process

How many partitions are on the disk, and/or how many drives are in the system?
I've seen Windows install boot.ini on the wrong drive/partition in the course of a bad install.


i have one drive two partitions....I have checked everywhere I am baffled.

What would happen if there was no boot.ini would windows default to some other file.

Have you tried just typing C:\boot.ini into the address bar on explorer? If it's there, it should just pop up. I know when I tried looking for it on my computer I had trouble seeing it as well.

What would happen if there was no boot.ini would windows default to some other file.

The NTLDR program is the file which is run before boot.ini during the Windows startup process. NTLDR looks for boot.ini and will process that file if found (including the multiple boot options which might be contained in boot.ini). I believe that if boot,ini really doesn't exist, ntldr may bypass it and try to boot from the active partition (I could be wrong about that though).

Do the ntldr and NTDETCT.COM files exist on you system?

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