I tried to download fedora 15 but I got a link for dvd iso but I have a cd-rom but not a dvd drive so what should I do?

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Download the Fedora 15 Live CD .iso and burn that to disk instead.
The Live CD won't have all of the extra packages that are on the DVD, but it will allow you to install the base system. Once you've installed Fedora from the Live CD, you can use yum to download and install any additional programs/packages you need.

EDIT: Another thought:
Alternatively, you could try using something like UNetbootin to install the Fedora DVD image onto an 8Gb USB thumb-drive (if you have one. If you don't, then use the Live CD instead!), then alter the boot order in your BIOS settings to allow you to boot the PC via USB.
Then reboot with the USB drive plugged in and your PC should boot into the DVD image on the USB drive.

@JasonHippy thanks a lot!Would try to install the livecd.But why did you say I need a 8 gb thumd drive to install it from usb?The entire package(dvd) is less than 4 gb.So ,wont a 4gb pen drive do it?

I only suggested 8Gb because a DVD can hold up to 4.7 Gb and I wasn't sure how big the Fedora 15 DVD iso image was!
But if it's under 4Gb, then it should fit on a 4Gb USB drive if you have one!

Otherwise as mentioned before, the live cd is less than 600Mb and will easily fit on a CD!

thanks again..

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