Hello everybody,

Its been long since i last posted on DaniWeb.

The organization i work for is shifting to a new system and for this, our database is running on Oracle 11g

We increased the size of one of the partitions existing in the HP 3PAR Storage which is connected to our Production Server via a FIBER CHANNEL.

Once the partition size was increased in the 3PAR, we had to reboot the Server which runs on the HP-UX 11.31 March 2013 Operating System.

To shutdown the System, we used the command: shutdown -r now.

The System took ages to shutdown and once it rebooted it took even more time to log in to SINGLE USER Mode.

We are in SINGLE User Mode and now we have run the extendfs command to extend the partition coming from the HP 3PAR Storage and it is still stuck there not moving at all.

All Help will be appreciated as to why the Server has all of a sudden started to act so slow. The Server is recently purchased and is an HP Blade BL870c i4.

Kindly assist in resolving this issue.



What does top, sar, iostat, netstat etc tell you? Just describing the problem as you did isn't particularly helpful. Many things can cause this sort of issue. You do have sysstat (sar) running don't you? :-) Also, do you have Glance installed on this system? That will tell you a lot.