I am trying to remotely access a computer running UNIX/Linux from another computer by using telnet. I was able to activated the telnet in windows but I cant find the right server address and (port) to open the connection between windows and unix. Do you have any suggestion for me?

Telnet is insecure. Most servers have disabled it so you probably cannot access them with it. Try ssh instead.

To expand... for windows, get a free program called putty.exe. This lets you create an ssh session. You need the IP address or dns name of the server you want to hit. SSH usually runs on port 22 by default.

Don't use telnet, passwords are sent in cleartext.

Thank you every one. It did work using ssh and port 22. I was using telnet and automatic runs port 23 by default. System did not recognized it. Thanks guys again,I got it running now

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