Hey All,
so here we go, i have set up samba 2.2.5 on redhat 8.0, and from a win2k server box i can see the linux boxes and i can access them, nice.

c the problem is now that i am setting one linux box to be the PDC, from what i can tell the .conf is all good, the usr accounts are all good and the machine accouts are all good.

but when i tell the win2k server to join the domain it brings up the permission box to supply the user name and passwd of the admin/root accout (which i have now tryed every accout on the system that is setup) and i get the returned failure message of :

'the credetials supplyed conflict with an existing set of credentials'

my question i guess is, 'is there an admin/root account somwhere that i am over looking', as far as i know i have not setup an such account or had access to any permissions that would enable any kind of admin rights.

any one know of a defult username that i need to set a passwd for, or somwhere in the .conf that i enter the admin/root username?

many thanks


Ok dont ask me how but the old swich it off and back on again seems to have done the trick. i now have a linux PDC that all my win2k users can login to



Can Linux act like a windows 2k PDC where profiles are store on the PDC and downloaded to each PC??

Thanks in advanced.

Can Linux act like a windows 2k PDC where profiles are store on the PDC and downloaded to each PC??

Samba 2 can act like an NT PDC, and Samba 3 (still in beta, I think) can act as a 2k PDC, complete with Active Directory support. And what you?re talking about are roaming profiles?profiles stored on the PDC. Samba does support those, but I?ve only been able to get them to work with Win 9x/ME. 2k (sp4) complains about not being able to unload the registry to store the profile and doesn?t work?at least for me.

You can refer to The Unofficial Samba HOWTO concerning how to set up Samba as a PDC with roaming profiles. Only one thing: Good freakin? luck with the roaming profiles.

Don't forget to add your Windows users to Samba:

# smbpasswd -a username

Then set a password for that user:

# smbpasswd username newpassword

Finally, if your usernames under Windows are different from the usernames you've created on your Samba server, you'll need a usermap that maps *nix users to Win32 and add that to smb.conf If the usernames are the same, I suggest synching the passwords on both platforms.

If you want to make the Samba server a PDC that runs login scripts, you'll also need to add the following to smb.conf, if you haven't already:

# Global parameters
    workgroup = domain name here
    server string = PDC description here
    encrypt passwords = Yes
    log file = /var/log/log.%m
    max log size = 50
    time server = Yes  # If you want this option, otherwise remove this line
    load printers = No
    show add printer wizard = No
    logon script = %U.bat
    domain logons = Yes
    os level = 34
    lm announce = True
    preferred master = True
    domain master = True

You can also install and use SWAT to config your Samba server; most people find that easier...

Hope this helps.