Ok i want to install fedora core 1 on my computer along side winxp so how can i partition the drive using the built in partitioner so that i dont destroy my windows xp because then my family would kill me. Should i just setup the partion with something like partition amgic or what is the proper way to set it up using the fedora core partitioner. And I've been to redhats site but they where no help and i have FC 1 because cant waste my time downlaoding FC2. Also it is not really the option of choosing which one to boot (I already have osl2000 boot manager) but how to partition it. someone help or just give me a link to a good tutorial that someone with not a lot of linux experience can actually understand.

ok new problem i need this one answered first.
how do install these files using rawwrite floppies and the img files given to me.


Invest the time to go get Fedora Core 2. Make it worth your while. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing CORRECTLY.

rawrite is in one directory; the images are in another.

Under DOS, or in an GatesOS(tm) Window, change directories to where the image files are located.

then run rawrite: /path/to/rawrite imagename

That will make the disks out for you.


As a matter of fact, if I recall correctly, the directory rawrite is actually contained in is called dosutils, and it might even contain information about using rawrite.

Also, one thing to consider, though, is that the DOS version of rawrite doesn't work in NT-based systems like XP and 2000-- the reason is twofold: 1. The "Command Prompt" is not really DOS, and 2. "command.com" is in an NT-based system, but it does not have direct access to the floppy device. For those situations, I think there's a program called rawritent, or something.

dont need your help anymore

Could you tell us why? That info could help others in the future.


oh well the setup would not install onto the primary hard drive so they way i partitioned it was 1. select auto partition (check modify partitions) 2. select /boot partition and click edit chech the box that says set to primary partition. 3.when setting up boot loader check the box at the bottom that says configure adavanced boot options 4. chech the circle that says setup MBR on /hda. 5. continue installation 6. reboot and now you can select what you want to load.

i also have a problem with dual booting. i wanted to dual boot xp pro and fedora. i installed xp then i installed fedora and now when i try to load up xp i get an error that says something like chainloader +1 and it stays there. if anyone knows how to corret this it would be much apreciatted

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