Is someone there running iWork and have him/her checked its compatibility with Word? By compatibility here I understand that a document produced in iWork will open and be absolutely readable by Windows users, also basic features like tables, images, bullet points will remain in the document.
I have my doubts if an iWork document could be processed again in Word...?
I already own a student Office 2008 and it is, I say with regret, a real pain, I don't want to go into details but it is a bad, time-consuming program. iWork seems to be an alternative, I run Mac OSX 10.6.6.
Thank for your reply

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You should be able to test this yourself. Create a document in both and try in the other; just make sure you save the document as a word document.

- Let us know how it goes.

Try microsoft office 2011. If you do not want office try out iwork 2011 or 2010. Iwork is simple to use, it has more functions that a microsoft word. Both document in iwork and microsoft office can be opened in windows. I would prefer iwork than microsoft. the keynote is good and has more transition and themes. Pages is fun to use too, there are different template and it is free. You can go appstore and installed in.

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