I was wondering how to access the /private/var/mobile/library folder(s) on my iMac. This is (obviously) for my iPhone.

I'm currently using an iPhone 5 on iOS 7. I've been trying to use iExplorer but if I can't I'll try it on my laptop, too.

Thank you in advance.

P.S: I was also wondering what would happen if I deleted the Messages backup from the iCloud section on iExplorer?

Okay, maybe I should've worded that differently, but thank you @sebastianedu, because what I meant was: how can I access those folders–which are on my iPhone–using a program on my iphone?

Thank you again.

That did shed light on things, yes, but what I'm trying to do is delete the content of the folders:

It's a long story of why, but that's why I want to find them. iPhoneBrowser was an application that did this but the iPhone had to be jailbroken and mine isn't.

Thanks in advnace.

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