I find the inability to make multiple playlists too limiting in this otherwise wonderful program. What is the next best program just for viewing movies in many formats that supports multiple playlists? I am willing to pay a reasonable amount. Thanks.


I don't understand multiple playlists you mentioned, but I know some good and popular players that allow you to view movies in many formats. If you don't like VLC, you can try QuickTime, Mac blu-ray Player, Mac Media Player.

QuickTime is an extensible multimedia framework developed by Apple Inc., capable of handling various formats of digital video, picture, sound, panoramic images, and interactivity. QuickTime X, is currently available on Mac OS X Snow Leopard and newer.

Mac Blu-ray Player is one Blu-ray media player software for Apple Mac, which can play Blu-ray files and other format files. And the new version of this player solved some BD+ problem troubling me all the time. Now, it can play Gone Girl, Bird Man, etc smoothly.

Mac Media Player is a free media player that can play many common formats on Mac.

VLC supports multiple playlists. You can export a current playlist to a file, and then reload that later via Media->Open File.

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Hey, all. Thank you all for your recommendation. I have downloaded VLC, QuickTime, bsplayer, and also Mac Blu-ray Player. VLC and Mac Blu-ray Player can play more formats, and also including Blu-ray format.

Best VLC alternatives:-
It is a free audio/video player for Windows and Mac OS X.
2. KMPlayer
KMPlayer is another popular alternative to VLC for Mac as well as Windows OS. It plays locked files and support 3D format.
3. SMPlayer
SMPlayer is a multi-platform media player for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Some of its excellent features are: support for more than 30 languages. Several skins ready for users.

You can easily save multiple playlists as files with VLC. Then, you just open the file with the playlist that you want. I do that all the time.

smplayer. With the default mplayer backend it's comparable to VLC minus a few edge features like YouTube playback; the mpv backend adds those and more.

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