iTunes and Google Play are may be the toughest competitor, what is your choice?

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Since I use all Apple I would choose iTunes between those two. But my overall favorite music streaming program would be Spotify. Barely uses iTunes to buy songs, I only use it for my podcasts.

Its not about just music. I am asking overall best

Itunes is the best as you can simply enjoy music , films and apps and can buy those which you want.

Google good, while Apple evil.

Actually that would be Google Evil, Apple okay. Google has been selling users info since the day of their inception.

As for the OP question, use what fits your needs, do not let others decide for you.

iTunes is better than Google Play but iTune sucks when it comes to obtaining music... its why we have spotify ;D

I have had any issues with iTunes. Google play is spotty, Spotify the same. I have never had any issues with using the iTunes store to find music. If there is not something on there, I always have for backup if need be.

I have used Google Music, Amazon MP3, and iTunes Match. I prefer iTunes, but all my mobile devices are Apple, so it is what works best for me. When I did have an Android phone, I really liked Google Music, on the phone. I hated the web interface though.

Here's my pros & cons of Google Music vs iTunes Match:

Prices are cheaper than iTunes.
Mobile app exists for all mobile devices (althogh the quality of the apps aren't always all that great on non-android devices)

(I hate) the web inteface
You can only download a track TWICE, FROM YOUR OWN LIBRARY!!! (Maybe it's 3 times... I don't rememder for sure).
Store selection is lacking.
You HAVE to use their terrible music manager software. It's really terrible.
Doesn't sync play counts

Works perfect on all my (Apple) devices.
Syncs my play counts (this is important to me anyways)
You can download any of your cloud tracks to any device anytime you want as many times as you want.
Uploading tracks checks for matches in the iTunes store & automatically adds them to you library at 256Kbps (even if the track on your computer is lower qualite (or higher)). This decreases upload time.
iTunes Radio (with annual fee, iOS 7, iTunes 11, available soon)

Annual fee ($25)
No android app
Higher store prices

For me, spending $1 or $2 more for an album isn't that big of a deal, for some it might be.

Both services do not count music purchased in their stores towards your music uploads (I think both have a 20,000 song limit), which is why IF an album is available on iTunes, I buy it there, even if it costs a bit more.

Google play is the best of all online mobile apps store. Google rocks!

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