I have been using Linux for the past year or two, it has been an amazing experience so far, aside of the lack of proprietary software support, namely Adobe products. I have been considering switching to MacOS for this very reason, and was wondering if anyone has made the move from MacOS to Linux or vice versa, and could share their experiences. What are some things you miss about one OS versus the other? How are things done differently?

I am not too concerned with the aesthetics differences or customizability of aesthetics, but I do highly value the ability to configure keybindings and scripts. Also, can all development work done in Linux be done in MacOS?

What about https://www.maketecheasier.com/install-adobe-creative-cloud-linux/ ?

As to my move, I only used Apple when there was no other solution. What was that? iOS apps. Today that need is gone and so am I (from Apple products.) I still have my iPhone 6 but Apple is not making it easy to leave as I can't remove it from their cloud so I can't sell or give it away. THAT expererience has me even more reluctant to ever go near Apple again.

So I'm pretty much only into PCs, Android and the embedded systems I work in.