Ok boys here it is.
I have a Mac g4 guickSilver running OSX 10.2 which is running Digital Performer 4 recording software.
It is located three hundred feet away from my Hub. ( I need a wireless router) I want the name of the wireless router that is compatible AND proven to run this computer.Since I'm aware of all the major problems posted all over the net about wireless routers that dont work, I need your expertise telling me which unit actually has been ran on this system.

I also have a new Dell running Vista Home . I want it to be the base computer in my home connected to SKY BLUE wireless internet service. That seems simple enough but how I get my mac to run with the Dell /Vista both computers to use the same router using Sky blue would seem to be simple if they dont interface with each other. I dont wish to file share between the two I just want both computers to run off the same wireless router system. Will the wireless router have to recognise the Dell and the Mac at seperate times?
A full explanation would be appreciated.
Drumming Dave

a wireless router is a wireless router, it doesn't recognize os's, you just plug it in.

linksys, and netgear router are probably better for home use. any one of those should work, just make sure they have the 802.11 a, b or g, NOT n, as those are the standard. once you get your router, plug in the modem's cable to the WAN port, then you can plug in your mac and dell also on any port you want, you also might want to protect your network and use wep or wpa to ensure people aren't stealing your signal.