Alright, about 3 months ago I bough an HP Pavilion laptop that has Vista on it as well as the HP docking station. For almost 3 months, everything worked fine, then about a week and a half ago, everything hit the fan.

My first problem is the network center. It won't load. I'll be connected to the internet, but say there's no detectable networks.

Secondly, I upgraded to AIM 6.5, and when I tried to go back to 6.0, it wouldn't work.

Finally, I keep getting a "code 10" whenever I plug in my zune to my computer.

I've tried system restore, it fixes the problems initially, but then they reoccur within the next day or so.

I'm starting to think I may just have to do a system restore cause vista is F***ed up and start everything from scratch. Also, would it be wise to just go back to windows XP Pro?


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Regarding your network problems, I had the same issue when I updated to AIM 6.5. I had to do a system restore to before I did the update, uninstalled AIM, and found a version of AIM 6.0 online, they're still out there. See how that works.


I'm working on some systems. I've been noticing an issue between Zune and Vista. does anyone know if there is a conflict that exists? Also, tried using Technet to find out what exactly "Code 10" is but no luck.

Any ideas?


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