Hey, I'm mostly a linux user with a cisco background so windows is a mystery to me! A friend brought me a hp pavilion that had a virus that apparently made services such as the recovery manager unavailable to us and he had no recovery disks made. I told him to buy a new vista license and I'd install it for him. After a new install was made I attempted to download the wireless driver... now when I install driver (Broadcom sp37746) and restart the computer it behaves as if no driver was installed! Device manager shows no sign of sp37746. Is there something I'm missing here?

Did you try to Install the driver just by double clicking it and following the installation? try going to device manager,

Right click my computer
device manager and then is they a little exlemation mark next to the wireless device? right click it and click update driver and then select the driver from where you downlaoded it,

and new machines come with a license a little sticker with the product key, now you have two?

I did all of that... we've determined that the driver does not stay installed upon restart due to malfunctioning wifi adapter... the devise manager cannot post the driver if it does not recognize the devise as installed which in our case is really just the broken adapter... I guess this was an easy one! Thanks any how!

Is it a laptop or a PC if its enw have yoiu got a warranty? you can get it returened