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Windows 9 they skip it bcauz it reminded them of Win

Tcll 66 Posting Whiz in Training Featured Poster

not "remind"

check this: (Python)

>>> "Windows 9" in "Windows 98"

because lousy programmers would make that version check mistake.
people are just lazy, so MS upped the version.

RobertHDD 15 Posting Whiz in Training

i guess i should move back to xp

Tcll 66 Posting Whiz in Training Featured Poster

just be careful, DON'T use Internet Explorer:
I've known IE to be bad, though wasn't expecting IE8 to be as bad as it is until I started using Comodo browsers.

and do note that because aero isn't part of XP there's alot of programs that won't work for it, so it's a headache.
you need to yell at the developers here and downrate whatever has dropped support.

MidiMagic 579 Nearly a Senior Poster

Aero is another "feature" I hate in the newer versions.

Tcll 66 Posting Whiz in Training Featured Poster

agreed... aside from being a cleaner interface (programming wize) it uses a crap-ton more RAM and is much more limited customization wize.

the sad part is that major developers are using Aero over WinAPI >_<

honestly, with the crap that's going on, it's making me want to tell noobs to get a mac and tell developers to get off windows.

I wouldn't mind Windows so much if MS would cut their stuck-up attitude of wanting to control everything and everyone and remove the RAT they've built into their kernels.
(that's the only thing that's keeping me 100 miles away from any Aero-using OS)

but on that note, Win8 has separate issues entirely, where MS likes to force their stupid ideas on their users.
skype's getting an update I'm hearing that forces auto-download.

I'm not so sure I'd trust that on Windows >_>
(hackers have way too much control, and could most likely control your compy with skype that way)

I have auto-downloads with skype on linux because I know that type of control is near impossible.

anyways, bleh

Tcll 66 Posting Whiz in Training Featured Poster

ok, if you're going to run XP, don't turn it into a server:
just use linux. :P

I await the day a huge problem is found on XP that allows hackers to cause major issues on 7 that can only be fixed by patching XP :P

AMJAlienServers 3 Newbie Poster

If it was not for the games i use to play from time to time i would just go linux all the way.

Tcll 66 Posting Whiz in Training Featured Poster

If it was not for the games i use to play from time to time i would just go linux all the way.

mind if I experiment here :)
I'm running Linux as we speak ;)
what games are we taking about??
I'd like to test them.

AMJAlienServers 3 Newbie Poster

Well if you have starcraft 2 for linux then yes.
I did not say linux does not have games...

Tcll 66 Posting Whiz in Training Featured Poster

heh, no I don't have it, I was just asking for games to test.
SC2 looks like it works on most linux distros (including mine) through Wine
looks like I don't need to test... heh

tbh, I look for this stuff and report it to WineHQ...
80% of the time, it's usually something that can be fixed with a Wine update. ;)

AMJAlienServers 3 Newbie Poster

I rather use virtualization for programing then playing games.

Tcll 66 Posting Whiz in Training Featured Poster

I like to think of Wine as an interpreter (like Python) rather than a virtual environment...
of course, I'm only a noob and don't know alot about Wine :P
(compare Wine to VirtualBox)

if you're worried about a performance cut, I have a game called Nexuiz which is a fast-paced FPS (needs performance to play well)

I honestly have to rate the Windows/Wine version of this game as much better, but I'm noticing little (if any) difference in performance.

AMJAlienServers 3 Newbie Poster

It seems you take it way to personal... Posting about Wine and how great it is, well people may have x reasons that they do not specify why they would not pick Wine for gaming... I gave you an example of a game I play because you asked for but so far you just look for arguments to point how good x software is. I did not contradict you nor do I look on doing it... I believe the true power of Linux lies in the shell console and the desktop was developed to put it on par with the other OS'es... anyway I think we should stop all this because the point of this post is not about Wine or what games you can play on Linux or not and is about windows xp. So lets call it a day a move forward.

Tcll commented: good points, though I don't believe in the whole "power in the shell" thing... I think the power should come from direct control, not bottle-necked via the terminal. ;) +3
Palebushman 8 Bush IT Poster

+1 AMJAlienServers.
The main reason why XP Pro won't die in my abode is because, no other OS can run any versions of Microsofts' Flight Simulators that I use.
Plus the fact, my good lady and I prefer older, matured and familiar OS's.
All this modern eye candy stuff is all very nice, but does little more than cause un-wanted anoyances.

Tcll 66 Posting Whiz in Training Featured Poster

and don't forget the removed features :P

the many removed features
and added crap to inconvenience your life even further.

I'm sorry, I just got done watching Nostalgia Critic make fun of 80s commercials. :P

RobertHDD 15 Posting Whiz in Training

Oh so it was python

afinepoint 0 Junior Poster in Training

My HP desktop XP is still chugging along. Noticeably slower than its non XP siblings but still doing all I ask if it.

afinepoint 0 Junior Poster in Training

"of" it.

Palebushman 8 Bush IT Poster

I thought the termination of support for the Microsoft flagship XP was bad enough. Looks like Windows 7 is about to get the same treatment too.
What amazes me is that many scorned Microsoft customers still trust the company!!
Open source and Apple are begining to look very attractive, particularly as so many enterprises seem to be turning in those directions too.
Shame really, because all those resources that Microsoft has thrown at so many failures to replace XP thus far, would have been much better spent on producing a gladiatorial SP4. Protecting XP rather than killing it along with a great deal of very unhappy customers.

Tcll 66 Posting Whiz in Training Featured Poster

| Open source and Apple are begining to look very attractive

I'd say they've looked good since MS made Vista. :P
Aero was a disgrace to all windows users.
Ian evem makes a good statement about windows (and other OS's) from a developer's standpoint here:

something linux and (I think) mac have that windows don't:
- a solid and stable interface

Palebushman 8 Bush IT Poster

Brilliant link Tcll, that guy certainly knows his stuff and his assessment of Microsoft is pretty well spot on!
Following your appraisment of Comodo, I have decided to rip out the messed up AVAST 2015 I had on-board, and have now installed CIS. Hopefully the wife's beloved XP will be a little safer behind it's Netgear router and back to it's full speed before being crippled by the AVAST 2015 joke.

Tcll 66 Posting Whiz in Training Featured Poster

thanks, I love Ian ^_^ (not gay, lol)
he knows alot about everything I like to work with. ;)

lol avast really got that bad huh? XD
(I've switched to Linux and the last version I used was 2013)

I was told Vipre was the top rated protection used in the military by a computer salesman, though I question his knowledge... >_>
heck he didn't even know about ANY form of MS control.

The first form of control I actually heard about was what I termed Software Control by the MS app-store (or whatever that trash is called).
(present in the initial release of Win8)
My friend "Diddy Kong" has his own experience with this and the system not allowing him to install something like Steam (which was a widely reported issue), but yet would easily allow him to install some infected form of MS Office right off the wall.

That's when I started diving into the crap about any Aero kernel having a (I call it a RAT because of the logic applied to it) form of monitored control by MS.
I really can't explain too much here as I'd actually have to use these OS's to know exactly what I'm talking about.
most of my knowledge comes from skype and other's experiences.

Don't doubt me though, I'm pretty good at helping people fix their compys over skype and such. ;)
(one event caused a BSOD which actually fixed the compy, over reparing a sound driver I actually broke)
^ this moment between me and 'thebaum64' will never be forgotten XD

I did use Vista at one point in time a long while back before I even started programming (where no XP program/game I had would work properly on the OS), and yea, I hated it.

so anyways...
I love Comodo, but it's best if you use multiple databases of protection. (more coverage)
(you can't expect 1 small air cleaner to catch every last individual speck of dust)
as long as the separate softwares can get along, you should be good. ;)
(don't use AVG, it's well known for breaking compys)

that aside, if you use XP x86, watch out for csrss.exe as it can be used as a RAT (forced Remote Desktop w/o your knowledge)
and simply having IE installed is bad as well.
I've uninstalled it wia the windows common removal, but it doesn't completely uninstall and iexplore.exe still exists and can be run...
(typical false MS guidence)

I'm sure the ACTUAL removal is out there, but I have to get off my lazy butt and actually find it. :P

btw, a good replacement for MS explorer.exe (the shell alone) is SharpEnviro, which is very similar to XFCE on Linux.
here's to showing off my XP desktop with that in effect: :)
(the desktop background is RealDesktop 2.6, which I have an "extracted" (no adware) installer for if anyone wants)
^ the original installer tries to install adware, but places the ACTUAL installer in your temp files just before running.

if I ever find my SharpEnviro settings (which I DO have backed up somewhere in my maze of recovered files), I'll post them. ;)
(all you have to do is overwrite the SharpEnviro folder with them in I think 'Program Files', and you'll have my layout)

They're a tad messy though and I had a few links and such that were borked, but I was able to recreate the XP start menu with it pretty well. :)

Tcll 66 Posting Whiz in Training Featured Poster

sorry about the confusions in my last post... it was 2AM for me when I wrote that, and had alot to talk about as most people don't like to go back on threads :P

I know I have a few contredictions on that post considering what I've stated earlier and hope to clear those up in this post.

first off though, when I've used Avast, even though it utterly sucks, it's good to use it with Comodo as that 30% (whatever low number) of support it has is only added to Comodo's coverage, which I will admit isn't all too great either...

I can't say Comodo offers crappy free service as the only things you actually pay for are convenience features (which is how it SHOULD be for ANY virus software considering the harsh environment of idiots building the stuff to destroy everyone's compys).

CAV's Active Protection has caused many issues for me, so don't think I call it golden just because it has wider support for being free.
Specifically the Minecraft AT Launcher (a modpack manager for MC) will hang when doing anything while playing your game such as accessing any UI.
disabling Comodo's Active Protection will fix this.

one of my contredictions in my last post was my knowledge about MS's RAT.
my laptop still has Win7 on it simply because I've been lazy as F with clearing everything of mine off it's HDD... heh
I only use it for browsing the web with CD and have nothing personal stored on it.
I havn't looked much into the OS and such other than testing my program off a flash drive, so I still don't know enough to hack it yet... heh
once I can though, unless someone beats me to it, I intend to port Aero and revive XP, like any sensible developer would do, rather than just follow the crowd like MS wants.

another contrediction about my knowledge was when I said most of it comes from skype...
It was 2AM and I was talking about my program on skype which is why I referenced that and NOT various places I've been on the web, which is much more proper.
a good portion of my knowledge comes from skype, but no, I get more from a combination of various places off the web, which I havn't been looking for and havn't run into anything decent since.

another influence to my ideas here is my autism which actually aids in comparison with my logical decisions.

there's only 1 thing I can recall about MS which was some rant about the XBox One being an "Anarchist's Paradise" which is quoted off a video:
which also lists one of the attampts MS makes to spy on it's people
(you can't turn on the XBOne w/o the Kinect)

I'm currently looking for a recalled video that mentions MS trying to control what markets can sell to you and how you play your games on your system vs other's systems.
(you have to bring your system over to your friend's if you want to play your game with them)

the Kinect was to be used to monitor how many people were in your house and such applying it to how you paid for your game (you paid more for having more people in your house).

This has an influence towards windows and it's users because XBOne runs Win8...
(and Win7 has pretty much the same untrustable tech running in it's kernels waiting to be activated by MS)

I've just asked my friend Diddy Kong to help me find the video because I believe he's the one or originally forwarded it to me, and he's just as big into the MS Control gig as I am.

Tcll 66 Posting Whiz in Training Featured Poster

dang edit timeout >_<

finally found a video roughly mentioning what I was saying though putting it in a slightly different way:

the funny part, these guys mention they don't review game consoles, but MS has just been sucking so bad they had to review it...

so yea... apply that to Win8 and even 7

this is exactly why I fight for XP.
these actions and ideas are a complete disgrace to humanity itself.

MidiMagic 579 Nearly a Senior Poster

Microsoft thinks their downgrades are upgrades. Reality:

XP to Vista - big downgrade
XP to 7 - medium downgrade
XP to 8 - humongous downgrade
Vista to 7 - medium upgrade
Vista to 8 - big downgrade
7 to 8 - humongous downgrade

What is downgraded most is ease of use.

Tcll commented: love it! +3
Palebushman 8 Bush IT Poster

Yep; You're not wrong there MidiMagic
S'pose when a company allows itself to be led by a bunch of marketing morons,
the tech savvy staff within the company have little choice but to oblige the morons and careless about the customers present time needs.
If MS continue on this careless path, me, if I was a shareholder, would be seriously considering selling up at this present time, while it is still a good option. The MS disasters over the past few years, seriously leaves one to believe that 'it aint ever going to get better' and that the MS world dominance of old, is rapidly shrinking.

RobertHDD 15 Posting Whiz in Training

They should make more updates for Windows XP

Reverend Jim 4,110 Hi, I'm Jim, one of DaniWeb's moderators. Moderator Featured Poster

And they should still manufacture parts for my 59 Ford Sedan.

Palebushman 8 Bush IT Poster

If 59 Ford Sedans had a 30% share of the current world motor car market, they would be foolish not to ;-)

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