I'm not exactly what information I need to give you guys, but I use the task manager often, and one day about a month ago it just started to gray itself out when I Ctrl+Alt+Del'ed.
I do have administrative privledges on my account, and I've checked on the Admin account to double check if I did, and it says I still do.

I'm not sure what I have to do to fix it, does anyone have any ideas?

Oh, I just read the "what to include" thread.

-Windows 2000 5.00.2195 Service pack 4
-Custom PC
-In the past month, just some Half-Life MOD'ed games and zonealarm, and 2 other adware/spyware detectors. The half life games are definitely not the problem... But I don't remember programs that far back, is there an install history log thing that I could check?
-No idea what I did to get this problem
-It does occur every time, but its not extremely important

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I would almost be willing to bet that it's a virus or spyware. Those types of programs do all that they can to keep you from disabling them.

Have yoy checked for spyware or a virus lately? Check out this thread from our Security forum. Any time that I have screwy software issues like these, the first thing I do is check for spyware or a virus.

Alternatively, try a Google search using the terms disable Task Manager there may have been some type of Group Policy or Registry setting that can be tweaked.


Just could also be a Local Machine Security Policy issue too. I would double check your security settings.

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