These are the features Microsoft claims Windows Vista:

Working with Windows Vista is all about seeing, finding, organizing, and confidently controlling your information and your computer desktop. Together, the new Windows Vista user interface is streamlined, useful, and efficient to work with.

Windows Vista provides a solid visual experience, free of flicker, redrawing, hesitation, latency, and visual artifacts. New productivity tools bring clarity to information you're your computer-you can see what your files contain without opening them, find applications and files instantly, navigate efficiently among open windows, and traverse wizards and dialog boxes more confidently and surely. And the visual sophistication of the Windows Vista environment streamlines the experience across the board by minimizing and refining common visual elements to minimize distracting interface and focus on content, information, messages, and choices.

Glass and Animations
Windows Vista includes refinements that make your experience smooth and sophisticated. In computers that can use the new Windows Vista Display Driver Model (WVDDM), windows are translucent, meaning that it's easier to focus on the content of a window rather than the window itself. This feature (along with other window design enhancements on all Windows Vista computers) reduces distraction and streamlines your work while making windows easier to manage.

Overall, the Windows Vista experience is more polished, smooth, and refined on all computers. Even details such as how windows move when they are minimized have been improved-when minimized, a window now clearly minimizes to the spot on the taskbar where it resides, making it easier to locate later.

Flip 3D
Windows Vista provides an entirely new way to manage windows called Flip 3D. Using Flip 3D, you can use the scroll wheel on a mouse to flip through open windows in a stack, and quickly locate and select the one you want to work with. The Flip 3D feature is even handier when you use it with the new Flip 3D key that manufacturers are adding to many keyboards.

New scalable thumbnails are used throughout Windows to show you the actual first page for documents, the actual photo for photos, a screen capture for videos, and album art for individual songs. By previewing the actual contents of a file at a glance, you'll find what you want more quickly without the trial-and-error of opening files to preview them.

You'll find thumbnails in the Explorers as live icons; when you rest the mouse pointer over a minimized window on the Task Bar; and when you flip through open windows using Alt+Tab or the new Flip 3D

Well i dont know about the rest features but in looks Microsoft has given it a Mac type of look.

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Why buy vista when you can get that on xp for free with addons, and its cheaper, more compatible, and needs less requirements

vista is a silly upgrade


Nah addons with xp don't have the same feel. Also, I believe you're talking about visual / UI elements.

Vista is a far more streamlined OS under the hood.


i have two friends with vista running dual core processors + 2gb ram and to run demanding applications alot of the vista features and services need to be turned off to run smoothly. streamlined? it has almost 3 times as many services as standard setup compared to xp which can handle everyday tasks with 256 mb and most major applications on 512 whereas min spec for vista an apparent 1Gb.

no matter how streamlined it may be it is overly fanciful and for this its performance decreases. i shall be sticking with xp for many more years to come or until microsoft decide to throw away free Ram with vista upgrades.


dude i don't know where your friends got their parts, but my comp used to have just 1gb of RAM when i first got it and I ran up to three demanding apps at once quite comfortably, with one of the cheapest dual core processors on the AMD line.

And you are incorrect in assuming by streamlined I mean performance. If that was what I meant I'd have said so. What I mean is the built-in way of getting things done in the OS is a lot more simplified and requires much less direction from the novice user. I stand by my case: Vista is far more streamlined than XP.

Furthermore anybody who goes out in this day and buys a brand new PC with 256MB or even 512MB of RAM deserves to have it choke and cough on their expensive data for all eternity.


vists is sloww

i got 2gb ddr2 and a pentium 4 ht and vista runs the same (if not slightly worse) as XP did on 1gb


What I mean is the built-in way of getting things done in the OS is a lot more simplified and requires much less direction from the novice user

vista painfully nurses you through everything and you think this is more streamlined?

Furthermore anybody who goes out in this day and buys a brand new PC with 256MB or even 512MB of RAM deserves to have it choke and cough on their expensive data for all eternity.

i agree more ram is a neccessity BUT throwing RAM at applications to make them run better is not an answer to poor software design.


Ok....when you plug in a new piece of hardware and start up your computer, it installs the driver and what not without your intervention (XP pops up that found new hardware wizard). How is that nursing? Do you really hate having that little bit of control taken away from you?

This is just one example.

However, this might turn into an argument and I'm having too much of those around here, so then I agree to disagree.


structured arguments are what make this forum thrive (aswell as its technical support) it is two differences of opinion and is more of a debate than an argument i mean no offence in what i post.


I have used vista from last few months and absolutely hate it...i have home basic which isnt the top end vista but i dont think that even premium would make me change my mind. I understand that this OS requires more RAM but i think it still doesnt perform as good as it should for such a hyped up system.

Most of the normal users before vista had what 512mb ram to work on for XP and suddenly Vista comes out and requires 1gb mininmum and it still doesnt function on 1gb. 2gb might just cut it but then again would lag with intense applications. MS should make an OS which is effective as well as less resource hungry for the users to be more comfortable with the transition to newer os. Dont mean to argue but if you look at the comparison does apple require all its users to upgrade the memory when it came out with new OS (Leopard i gues? Sorry not a Mac User).

With MS users buys over the top priced OS and then have to dish out on memory and still the performance aint that good.



i love vista xp solaris 10 all equally they are all good at different things but vista is my choice for day to day tasks just looks better and yer i have had to upgrade a few parts to get the perfomance i want but i like havin an uptodate computer, and if you want a power hungry o/s try solaris it will eat anything you through at it. Vista is a good update of xp and the stability of vista althoguh not perfect is pretty good and with a service pack it will soon be the best out there. It has some cool little tricks aswell that keeps the user happy without them even knowin!


they should have made XP second edition.

xp has too much feature creep from vista. ie7 and wmp11 dont belong

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