hi all

recently got rid of some spyware, but i think it did something to my internet settings. i can connect to the internet through my isp as normal, but cannot view any web pages. all i get is the usual "cannot open this web page" message. ive looked through the forums and tried a few of the ip renew, system file checker ie repair tool, but nothing is working. my ie settings appear to be the same as they always have been.

apart from the spyware problem, i also recently did a repair install and put sp1 and sp2 back on the system. my isp took me through some ping tests, of which some seemed ok, and some werent. they said something about dns blocking all iternet activity? final suggestion was a format! ive got way too much info to get onto even dvd's and dont want to give up just yet. any help appreciated.



already sorted - i hope!! i tried stinger which found one backdoor trojan, then used winsockxpfix, and im back to normal now. fingers crossed!.... both the progs mentioned were found through reading threads on this forum, so thanks to you and all others.

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