well this is sort of a wierd question that doesnt really affect my computer at all, i just am curious about a fix if anyone knows

basically after I installed my NOMAD jukebox Zen Xtra drivers, whenever i open up DOS, rather than the first line being C:> or soemthing along those lines, it starts out as C:\Program Files\Creative\Creative NOMAD....etc etc all the way out towards wherever.

I'm just curious as to how to reset it so that it just starts at the C: Drive when i open up DOS.

any fixes?

I guess my question would be whether this occurs even when you try to access dos via Start, Run, CMD; or whether this occurs just under specific circumstances.

It's highly likely your command.pif file has been altered, probably by installing Creative Labs drivers for your Nomad judging by the directory tree your command prompt starts out in. One possible fix would be to use Windows Explorer to look inside your /windows/system32 folder, find the file command.com, right click on it, pick Properties. On the second tabbed page, (Program), you'll see a text input box labeled 'Working', you can try putting c:\ there, that might fix it for you, but read on first:

While in there, note the box under the Working box, called Batch File, if there is a filename in that box, it is likely what is putting you into that folder. Search your hard drive for that file, (if indeed there is a filename in that box), and open it in notepad: At the very bottom of that file, add a new line just like this:

cd c:\

That will be sure to put you back into the C:\ folder when you open a command prompt. Hope this all helps.

cheers mates, i'll work on it and report back

Hey, my fix will work, but only depending how you open your command prompt. I still use start/run/command, (habit, been using that for too many years to stop), but many people just use start/run/cmd, and my fix won't work for that.

However, I have a fix for that, too. Here's what you need to do;

Run Regedit. (Start/Run/Regedit)

Navigate to the following key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE \Microsoft \Command Processor

Inside there, look for a String Value called 'Autorun'. If it is not there, right click on the Command Processor key, and pick Add New String Value, and name it Autorun.

Now, double click the new string value you've created, and in the box underneath, put this:

cd c:\

Now close regedit, and you're done. Try it out, and most of all, have fun!

look if there's a file called config.bak or config.sys.bak, if there is (oh, it should be in your DOS installation directory by the way) rename it to config.sys but first make a copy of your current config.sys file and see if that works