Okay. I have windows version 2000, Service pack 4. Custom built computer. Last few programs are...well Hijackthis and a spanish version of kazaalite, and then an english one, but just gave up on kazaalite. The problem is that I have DSL and it's taking FOREVER to load pages that aren't really small, or my home page. I went to a lan last night and a friend I trust and actually helps some people repair their windows problems messed with a few of my windows settings. I'm thinking he may have made a mistake...while trying to download the pages I only have trillian pro and x-chat running. My CPU usage is very low when using these programs, and this has only occured today...at the lan there was no problem...

Do you have any idea what could be causing it?

And I hope I posted this in the right thread...

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run hijack this and fix any 019 entries, they have been known to cause browsers to slow down (their CSS style sheets and such that you dont need to survive)

oh wait...nevermind...i was impatient and didn't know. My ISP was doing a bit of maintenance it seems...heh...but thanks for attempting to help :D

Marking as (um, I guess...) solved.


yeah solved heh. I was just impatient :D

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