I am using Windows 98SE. This doesn't happen everytime I cut on the computer, but every once in a while a box comes up that says Registry Shaver, with some things listed...like my digital camera, my printer, etc. Some of the things listed, I think four of them, have the letter "i" beside them. I was just wondering why this might be happening every so often, and if it means there is something wrong. Thanks!


From what I've gathered, Registry Shaver, (RegShave.exe), is a tool installed with certain Fuji digital camera's software. It is safe to disable this from what I've found, and disabling it doesn't seem to lead to any problems using the camera or its supplied software.

You can disable the program by running msconfig, (press start button, pick Run, type msconfig), and go to the Startup page, look for RegShave.exe in the list, and remove the check mark in front of it.

Hope this helps. I don't know why it's popping up on you like that, but if you disable it, that should stop that behavior. Good luck!

Thanks...I'll do what you suggested. :) My camera is a Fuji digital camera, so I would say that is more than likely it. Thank you!