two days ago I formated C:\ partition (which have both data & win-2003srvr) and installed winxp. the old partition was fat32 and new is NTFS. now the problem is that I a folder named "Contact Center Docs" required by the management, as it contains importnat information. can anyone help me out from this situation.

Stop using the system. Take it to a data recovery service.

It's an expensive thing to do, but is the surest way to get around the problem, and even then there's no guarantees. I'm sorry, but formatting wipes the drive clean. Luckily, it does not overwrite all the information on the drive, it simply removes the ability to access it, so any of the storage area which has not been overwritten since will actually still contain data, and it is possible to lift that data off.

Unfortunately, the fact that the drive has been converted from FAT32 to NTFS as well leaves me with little hope, and I'd be reluctant to even recommend one of the downloadable data recovery programs that can be found available, in order that you might try to get it back yourself. I really think the best option is either a professional service, or simply 'biting the bullet', contacting management with the problem, and getting that Document folder and its contents put back on your machine again by them.

When you get it fixed, make sure you make back ups of all your documents. 25 gig of space (via CD-Rs) costs $10 now, so there's no excuse to not make back ups. Some programs will even automate backing up to another drive/server.

Thankyou all for your effort and guidness. I already disclosed this with my higher management. luckily also one of the senior person who was using the same pc had a backup copy of that folder which already resote. Thanks to all.

heyya...sometimes it happens...many a times I have also lost imp data as i waz unware of recovery tools. There are various tools for the recovery of deleted files,images and folders.There is this application named Advanced Disc Recovery that I use for recovery of lost data.With the help of this tool you can recover the data even after the formatting has been performed.
It also have the features like recovery from deleted partition and recovery from crashed disks.Be cautios that you do not overwrite any data on the drive to ensure complete recovery.

Also make sure that after recovering the data, you donot place any of your important
files or data in C: (Drive) of your Operating System. You can simply keep the data
in your other partitions and make a shortcut of those files or data on your desktop for easy or quick access.

I hope this is clear.

...from crashed disks. That I gotta see. Anyway, the free trial may be worth it for some. Nice, casual appearing advert you wrote, though.... it's almost like you don't care. :)