Well, i want to print screen the process of reformatting for teaching my friends, as they dont know how to reformat pc at all. I checked over some websites which teach how to reformat, but the pictures are very limited.

So, my question is, how i able to print screen when i reformat? I heard before there is a Virtual PC but i don even know how to use it...Plz help me guys...

I saw this link


Its great and what kind of software can be used to print screen like the screenshots shown in that link?

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the way i do it (screenshots of linux installs) is to use a Virtual Machine like virtual pc

basically virtual pc is a fake pc that runs on your real pc as software. It has fake hard disks etc... (big files)

you need 1gb+ ram do do it properley


basically there is no way to do this on the physical machione, as there would be no drivers or printer on the pc, the only other way is, as Jbennett suggest, use a VM machine, like VMware or microsoft virtual pc or you can use snagit ro captuer the screen on the vm machine, or as the last resort, use a video camera to capture the process on the pc.


Yes, the only way to take a screenshot on the same machine is to have a clipboard available, obviously, there is no such way of doing this from the same machine while you're in the reformat process since an OS is not installed yet. I would also suggest using a virtual machine, it just maybe your best bet.


Or format an attached drive and take a picture of that.

Or have I missed something? Prolly!

he means at the widnows install

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