I've been updating my tags in my pictures folder which makes searching for pictures very easy. However there are certain private pictures that I have set the file attributes as hidden, but when you type any of the tag names in the Vista search box it pulls up those hidden pictures. Do I have any Vista specific tools to prevent this? I am guessing that I will have to get a third party "vault" type of program to put the files in, but I really hate doing that.

Any suggestions?

i think by tagging them u r making the pictures public. so maybe u'l have to think of a 3rd party tool... :-)

am i missing something? why not just not tag the ones you want hidden? or is that too tedious....i dont really have a vista in front of me right now(at work) to play around with

This is interesting...yet another bug in Vista's framework. The files have a setting marked "index this file for faster searching" in the advanced dialog of their properties, yet when unchecked, vista search still blatantly finds them even when i have search set to indexed locations only...now im intrigued