Ok whenever my PC boots up I have a choice of using XP or 2000, from a partition. I installed both accidentally while making the partition, rather than deleting the other. How do I get rid of 2000, which is taking up disk space, without losing and having to reinstall XP?

Thanks in advance.

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A. First, make sure you backup everything you need just in case. The following procedure should remove Windows 2000 from your hard drive: 1. Boot to Windows 98 with a Windows 98 startup diskette. 2. Type sys c: in MS-DOS prompt. 3. Remove boot.ini, bootsect.dos, ntldr, ntdetect.com and ntbootdd.sys (if exists) from c:\ 4. Delete pagefile.sys (usually on C:) 5. Format Windows 2000 partition Make sure you copy all data files you need to a different partition.

why would you want xp over 2000?

Well, one good reason is XP will be supported longer than 2000. Another would be it's the more recent technology. I could go on, but really, why does it matter? It's his choice. I concur with it.

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