A few days ago I read a guide and disabled a lot of services to make my comptuer run faster (which did not work). I made a restore point a quarter-way-through because I forgot to before starting. My problem is that I cannot play any video with any type of player. I have tried playing streaming content and videos saved on my HD with WMP11, Real Player, DivX Player and VLC Player. I get sound but no picture what so ever. I have tried playing around with the settings but with no result.

I also, cannot record any video through Logitech's QuickCam software or Windows Movie Maker. I followed all the instructions to fixing the QuickCam error, but it just didn't work. And in Movie Maker, it said that another program was using the camera, which is not true, because I checked the processes in task manager and saw no program which could be using it.

I tried restoring the system to an earlier date, twice, but the restoration was always unsucessful.

I'd really appreciate it if someone could tell me what service I have to re-enable or if there is a fix for this.

Thank you very much in advance,


install codec packs new ones and first reinstall the video players u use then install the codec packs hope i helped u :)

Well I downloaded this codec pack called All in One codec pack and now I can view video with Real and DivX player, but I can't with Windows Media Player, which is my default player. Help :S

HUMMMMN try did u try to reinstall the wmp or no??

i dont no how 2 fiz WMP11 but u could go 2 the options of realplayer and make it the default player 4 everything