in the past i've install xp (from a reinstall disk)on a few computers w/ no problem. however, as of late my installations have not been installing the "ethernet controller". rationalizing that downloading the ethernet controller and installing it would be a simple enough job, --- of course not!!! the ethernet controller never seems to catch !!!
searching for the solution it's been suggested to reload the chipset driver, then the ethernet controller. i haven't tried it yet because i want to be sure EXACTLY how i load the chipset driver (from my limited knowledge i'm thinking the chipset isn't something you want to mess up)
is there anyone out there that has actual loaded their chipset? and could you give me instructions please?

appreciate the help

if you are installing and windows does not detect your eth controller, it's one of two things, one the controller is disable in the bios, or the drivers for it in not in the windows drivers cab. the best thing to do is go the PC manufacturer site to get the correct driver for the ethernet controller. . as for the chipset, if this is a pc you built the drivers should be on the cd that came with the mother board.