Every time at start up, I'm prompted to run their firewall, and their (MS's) anti virus :cry:

Can I get rid of this prompt without getting rid of the entire service pack update for XP?

It's not 'their' Antivirus, so you know, MS has included hooks from the new Security Center so it can poll many Antivirus' programs, (like Norton, McAffee, etc), so that the Security Center can tell you if your AV is in need of updating.

You can disable Security Center if you like, by shutting down the service itself, (which is what I have done since I already regularly update all my stuff, and don't need to be pestered).

If you'd like to do this, go to Control Panel, pick Performance and Maintenance, pick Administrative tools, and pick Services in the list that pops up. Find 'Security Center' in the list, right click on it, and pick Stop. After that, right click on it again, and pick Properties. You'll see a box that has 'Automatic' on it, hit the little arrow next to it, and change it to 'Disabled'. Reboot to see if that solved it.

Let me know if that did it for you.

Well, I couldn't find "security center" from "administrative tools," but I appreciate the help especially since it was very well written and easy to follow. I did, however, right click on the icon and opened "security center" and I could access "automatic updates" and "windows firewall" from here. I chose "Off (not recomended)" for the firewall, and then deleted all of the "exceptions," then I clicked on "automatic updates" and chose "turn off automatic updates."

Thanks for the help.

Good job then, glad you got it sorted out.

Well now I can't stop that stupid baloon from coming up everytime I boot the computer warning me about their firewall being disabled...