I have an E-machine that is about 3 1/2 to 4 yrs old. As of recently, my computer will start to boot up and then just freeze. If I play around with it, starting it and stoping it I can get it to finally load. It also will not fire up the monitor sometimes. I went out and purchased a new monitor. That didn't help, returned to store. I bought a new video card, no luck there either. Both problems still persist. I am considering reformating the computer after I have backed up all of our Family photos( the reason for the computer). Has anyone else had this issue or does anyone know what the problem might be? I am game for all suggestions and solutions!



+3 or 4 yr old E-machine ,that almost a antique for a e-machine ,LOL ,you had the case apart putting in a video card ,any build up of dust on fans and heatsinc ,if not can you get into safe mode [hitting f8 on bootup] and run a virus scan spyware scans, also shut down and remove ram ans reseat it , also try removing any addin pci card ,and try booting comp !

first, so AS caperjack stated, and to second what he said, you are truely luck to have an Emachine work that long, they usually crap out manily due to moborad, or power supply, and it's usually aroung 2-3 years that this happen.

So if I take your advice and have no luck, what type of options would I have? Thinking about an Apple desktop and/or Laptop. Apple mini if I got the desk top. Any thoughts?

PS I'll still try the sugesstions though!

Thanks for the reply!


if non of the suggestions does not work and you can spring for a new MAC or PC go for it.repairing/replacing would be just as expensive as getting a new PC.

My eMachines still works :P
I think i bought it in like 2004/2005 and only done 3 Hardware improvements, RAM, PSU, GFX card.

Back to your issue though, do you get any Blue Screens Of Death (BSOD)? May be a cooling issue if it just freezes instantaneously. You could try upgrading the motherboard, but is very costly because you then have to buy new RAM and a lot of other stuff. If you or a friend has a high voltage PSU (500V+) then you could try that to see if it is a PSU problem. Otherwise buying a new Laptop/Desktop is the only other option really, Unless you want to do a complete rebuild!

Does anyone have any suggestions on what is a good laptop to purchase? I want something that will last. Or should I expect to replace my computer every 3 to 5 years?





which is the best for the money?

I am studying a variety of design courses ie Autocad, Adobe... and will need that aspect to be covered with what ever I get.

Curious to hear what people have to say!


Well a PC Desktop is easiest to upgrade, some software doesn't work with Mac's (games for example), Mac's are better for graphics editing and music making. PC's have an all rounded performance. Also Laptops could be worth considering, although some have poor battery life but allows you to be portable. Desktops are easier to upgrade, laptops can be tricky to alter.
Seeing as you are doing a lot of design orientated things, you might be better off with a Mac and install some decent graphics programmes. But i personally don't like Mac's. But the choice is up to you.