So this all started last night, I was playing World of Warcraft when my computer just froze, i had to manually restart it. My computer freezes often, it used to be every 5 minutes until I bought a table fan and have it blowing into my computer, it now only freezes once or twice every day. When my computer came back, everything was normal, so I started WoW again, and 1 minute later it froze again. This time when I manually reset it, it came to a black screen with writing on it, this is the first time i had ever seen this on my computer, so i left it for a couple minutes, it did not change so i manually reset my computer again. This time it starts up, everything sounds perfect, it goes to the MOBO screen, which is normal, then it goes to a black screen with a flashing bar on the top left corner. As a bar, I mean ___. I can't get into safe mode, if i press F8 at the MOBO screen, a window pops up asking me which drive to boot, and if I press F8 on the black screen with the flashing bar, nothing happens.

I would really appreciate any help you guys can give, and feel free to ask for anything that might help you determine what the problem it.

I have windows XP
My MOBO is an Asus P4P800-VM
My power supply is a 430W

Thanks for your help

You need to start by addressing the overheating issue.
Check your fan, case and heatsink for dust and proper operation. Install a case fan, if necessary. Reseat your memory and cards while you're at it.
I'd rather get on with my game also, but some problems just can't be ignored.:)

Can you start the system in Safe Mode? I'm guessing the overheating may have fried the graphics card. If you can get to safe mode, uninstall the GFX drivers and reboot normally. If it starts normally, reinstall drivers and see what happens. Revert back with the results.

In my large wall of text it says that I can't get into safe mode. I have also been reading up, and is it possible that I need to repair my windows, I read that if I am unable to get into safe mode, I need to repair windows with the windows CD.

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