So, I have run afoul with what is probably one of the more frustrating tech problems I have ever experienced. Recently, my microphone stopped working. Completely. Let me announce the steps I have gone through in trying to find a remedy for this issue:

- Tried new microphone

- Updated sound card drivers (SB Audigy 2 ZS [DE80], whatever the DE80 means)

- Googled and attempted nearly every other fix for this problem, including but not limited to
- Muting microphone feedback
- Enabling 20db boost
- Ensuring that Microphone is selected rather than 'what u hear' etc.
- Generally trying several combinations of different audio option selections (though if there is a definitive fix anyone knows of I'll still gladly try it)

This is not an issue of low sound, I cannot get ANYTHING to work for this. Please help, I would appreciate it greatly :( I hope this isn't a hardware problem

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Additionally, just noticed that device manager has two yellow bangs, didn't see that earlier, may make this easier to solve (attempting myself with this new knowledge now).

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