OK, I have had quite a few problems with my comp, and I went ahead and reformatted it.

But, I did so on my brothers comp, just using my hard drive (because I needed a new power supply on mine) once I bought my power supply, I stuck my HDD in my comp and windows didn't boot. I simply "repaired" my windows configuration and all was well, or so I thought.

Windows wasn't activating because there was a "major hardware change" but I called in told them what was up, and they activated it for me.

That was just letting you know whats been going on.


As soon as windows was activated, I tried to download and install windows updates. There are like 90 of them, and while they will download none of them will install. Whats been driving me mad is that there is no error code. It just says "there is a problem with your computer, fix the problem and run WU again."

IDK what the cause of this is, but it is quite frustrating, I really don't want to re-reinstall windows just to solve this WU problem.

Any help or advice would be appreciated!