Recently the gadgets in the Sidebar have become blank, e.g instead of the clock I get a black dial with a thin red needle pointing at 12. Instead of the calendar I get a white square. Any gadget added to the sidebar is affected and any gadget detached from the sidebar remains affected.

Has anyone got any ideas what is happening?



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See if this helps;

1. Copy and paste the following text into your Start Search field exactly as it is below and press Enter: “%homepath%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar”
2. You will only see two items a Gadgets folder, and a Settings file.
3. Close Windows Sidebar if it is open – or you will be unable to complete the next step.
4. Right-click the Settings file, click Rename, and change the file name to Settings.old
5. Now open Windows Sidebar, and everything should be set to defaults.
6. You can now add your gadgets, and customize the sidebar to your preference.

If your custom gadgets do not appear to be functional…

1. If your custom gadgets are non-functional or not working as intended you will need to uninstall them.
2. Right-click the Windows Sidebar and select Add Gadgets.
3. Right-click the non-functional gadget and select Uninstall.
4. Then visit the Gadget Gallery, download the custom gadget, and then install it.
5. All your gadgets should now be fully functional, and the issue resolved.

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