i don't kow if any one has posted something like this before. But here goes anyway.

I'm having trouble accessing sites, everytime i click on a link it just seems to open a blank web page. Nothing loads up on those pages not even the About:blank page loads up. On the page that sort of appears i can see the address bar and i'm forced to copy the shortcut into the address bar.

Also, quite frequently a message pops up telling me Internet Explorer has encountered an error and is restarting. This can happen at any time during a sites load up.

I've re-installed java, and this did little. it only cut down the number of times the message appears. I've download macromedia, and i download virtual scripts from the microsoft site.

I have also re-installed IE6 and this has not made a difference. Its a pain cos its a work computer and an application that is essential to my job needs the internet. and everytime it crashes it causes problems.

it was all running fine last week, until i had a virus. can't remember what it was but its subsequently gone. after the virus was removed error messages saying that certain .ocx and .dll files were missing. i used google.com nad replaced these files. buti 'm still having the trouble with IE6

I have Spybot and Adware installed on my machine and i run them both every day.

any body have any ideas on what i can do to stop this. Its an NT4 workstation


sounds nasty.. if youre system is now clean I would just download a new IE6 package
from microfoft, uninstall old, reinstall new then make sure my updates were current

i've tried that and unfortunately it still stays the same, it speed IE6 up doing that but the same problems still occur.

I would attempt to retrieve the missing .dll and .ocx files from a neighboring NT4
machine and restart.. You did you restart your computer after your install update?
Have you tried an alternative browser? Like netscape 7.2? I know this may not fix
your issue but it may get you back online so you can get back to it if you are unable to locate your missing files.

i've replaced the missing files that appeared in error messages. i even re-installed a couple of applications i had on there before it went funny on me. so in effect it's pretty much in the same state of affairs before i re-installed IE6 and rebooted, but it still seems to cause the same issues. i can get net access but the only issue is how long for cos the message can appear at any time. it took me 5 attempts ot get to this site today.

i might try a different net program and see if that does it for general net surfing, the only problem with that being the work application requires internet explorer and won't run on other programs unfortunately.

there may be more missing .dll or .ocx files but i haven't received any messages to say that there is.

I would go to the Control Panel next and select Add/Remove programs,
check for obviously foreign things like Coupons & offers, XXX, Gator, etc..
check the dates and times for recently installed goodies that are not
supposed to be there; remove them. Also, ensure that the folders no
longer exist in C:/Program Files. Be careful what you delete here. Empty
the recycle bin after. Remove all cookies & temp internet files.

I'm no catweasel but here goes... I think now is the time for an in-depth
search for adware/spyware/viruses in safe mode again. Double check your
network settings first you should be able to run in safe mode with network
connectivity (if needed). Im not sure about NT4 though. Make sure your
anti-virus toolset definitions etc.. have been updated. I personally run
Ad-Aware, Spybot Search & Destroy (not for the faint of heart, but Im sure
you can manage) and Nortons.
This may take a while but it usually does the trick. Be sure to deep scan the
registry and scan all mail files. Scan everything in depth. Good luck.
You MAY have to re-install IE6 one last time after this is through. If you do,
ensure that ALL of IE6 was removed before re-installing, then reinstall and
update. Sometimes Windows Media Player gets flagged as spyware in the
registry. It probably is but I tolerate it.

i've been through already and removed any unwanted junk, such as stuff thats found its way on there and programs i no longer use. and i've gone for custom removals where the option has been available and made a point of leaving all .dll, .ocx and similar files where there are. i rebooted after i did that, then ran spybot followed by adware and no problems showed.

IE6 offers to revert back to the previous internet version upon un-installation. is it worth removing IE6, then removing IE4 (i think its IE4) and re-installing IE6 from a fresh new installation file?

i can't see it making much difference, but its always worth a try i suppose.

I would definately want to ensure a full uninstall of IE6 and 4.. in effect go back to nothing then a full install from scratch.

I am interested as to what exactly is causing this..

right i tried to remove IE4 after uninstalling IE6 but my machine for some reason won't allow me to. I went to the microsoft website and downloaded any patch which mentioned IE6 in it. It now runs better than before but i am still getting the error report message appearing every now and then, and still when i click a link it will not load if it decides to loads in another window

Download HiJackThis from here:
Put it in a permanent folder (like c:\hjt\hijackthis.exe). Close all browser windows, Scan, Save, and post the log in the Security forum along with details about your problem. A tech will then try to help you fix it.

i'm away from my work PC till monday, but will do it as soon as i return to the office on monday

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