Lately, when i have several MSN chat windows open, the whole look of the windows change and lines disappear and stuff. I'll try to get links to give u an idea of what i mean. It has been happening for quite a while now, and happens pretty much everytime i've got about 5-7 chat windows open(that's how far i get before it all goes wrong). Sometimes it affects my browser's window too. It actually happened this morning with only 3 chat windows.
I use a Windows ME,and an Intel Celeron processor(couldn't find any information about servics packs), It's a rather old system, had it since 2001, its only got 56MB RAM too... Hope this is a fixable problem, i've been wanting to get a new system but haven't saved up enuff yet :o . I hope this is enough information, pls let me know if u need any more :D

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Only 56MB of RAM? If that's right, then you need more RAM.

Oh, i didnt mention, i use a Compaq Armada 110 Notebook, I've got MSN Plus! installed as an addition to MSN 6.2. And i've got a Trident AGP (if that helps)

OH erm is it possible to buy extra RAM for a laptop and fix it myself? I'm thinkin it's not, but i may be wrong. Also does anyone know what exactly 'KERNEL32.DLL' is?! Cos my messenger had an error in that or something. Was also wondering if u can upgrade to XP on laptops.

Not on that Laptop you can't. It's not powerful enough for Windows XP.

I'm wondering if you have the Windows CD for that laptop? The 'kernel32.dll' error indicates you have some system file corruption. Popping the CD in the drive, and running 'Setup' will restore your system files and hopefully correct some of the problems.

I seriously wouldn't advise adding RAM to a laptop that old either. You certainly need more, but the money would be better put toward a replacement PC. If a 'Refresh install' such as I described helps a bit, then I'd suggest you stumle along with what you've got for now, but please, please have less windows open at the one time. You are trying to make that laptop work harder than it's capable of!

I agree with everything Catweazle is saying about the laptop- you'd be better off saving your $$ and just living with the beast as it is until you can afford a newer model.

In terms of kernel32.dll and errors related to it, here's more info than you probably ever wanted to know about the possible causes of those types of errors:

Oh ok, thanks a lot! Will definitely try to give the old timer less to do. Haven't actually got a Windows CD, but i've got this 'Compaq Quick Restore' cds, i'll try them. Hope that works, tho i've got this feeling it might try to clear my hard-disk drive if i complete the process... Oh well, will still try it anyhow, thanks all for ur help!

With quick restore CDs, if you pop it in while Windows is running, rather than booting from it, you should get th option to do a 'Software only' fix, which is a Refresh Install such as I've mentioned.

Maaaaann, u know i tried that quick restore thing, it didn't work, and so i thought i'd just leave it and carry on managing the system like that. Now it wont even come on at all!! I switch it on, the light comes up, but not the fan, and the screen is blank! I'm soo scared this is the end of this fighter albeit pensioner of a computer... Do u reckon i should start shopping around for a new one. I've taken out the battery and re-inserted it but no joy. And i switch it on with the AC plug in.

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