The uninstall of Office 2007 from a Laptop with Vista, crashed before it was done completely.
Trying it again, will not do anything and office 2007 does no longer open.
(The person has the Office 2003 CD, but Vista will not accept it. I suspect because of remaining office 2007 components)
HP nor Microsoft will help assisting in how to get any remains of Office 2007 out of the system...

The laptop is a Compaq Presario V6210CA Notebook, purchased in August and kept for one month (Dec-2007)in service without anything being fixed. (Could have been French-English confusion).

Any advise on how to achieve a complete clean out of office 2007 will be appreciated.

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Thank you James, I'll see the person again on Thursday, Feb-21. I'll post if success or failure...
Note: Microsoft does not recommend to use the clean up tool for Office 2007...

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