I Have two windows XP computers 1 is hard wired to the router/modem, the 2nd one is wireless. Have a windows Vista wireless, all three can connect to the internet. I am new to networking and have setup a network and workgroup. The two XP computer have no problem with printer or file sharing. On the vista computer I can see the other computers, but can not access them. on the XP computer I can see the vista but can not access it. On the XP computer I can click on the Vista computer and I am told that I am not authorized. On the Vista computer I can not even click on the XP computers. Need Help have been working on this for days.


Press Start on the Vista Machine and in the search box type Network. In the results, click Network and Sharing Centre.

You will see a list of things you can share on the Network.

You will see:

  • Network Discovery
  • File Sharing
  • Public Folder Sharing
  • Printer Sharing
  • Password Protected Sharing
  • Media Sharing

Check these individually and set them according to what you want to do.

Under the Globe that says Internet on the main Network and Sharing Centre window, you will see a Customize link. Click this and set your PC to Private and click OK.

Hope this helps