i am having a problem with viewing web pages on vista. i am able to use MSN messenger and browse on the crappy browser that is built into BitComet, but IE, Firefox, and Opera all give me a "cannot display page". if i click on 'diagnose connection problems' it says there is nothing wrong with my connection, but still will not allow me to view any pages at all. when in a command prompt, i can ping www.google.ca.

i have been reading posts and trying different things, to no avail.


How are you connecting wirelessly? Public access, home router, ....?

Have you tried connecting at another location?

1) how do you connect to the internet?
2) can you get a conenction at all?
3)is it private, public, or at work?
4) what are your system and router specs, as well as your ISP.

With this information, We should be able to help you!!

1) both wireless and wired internet connections don't work.
2)i can use msn messenger, no browsing sites though
3)cannot browse anywhere, my house, girlfriends house, airport hotspots
4)i think it is a problem with settings on my actual computer, as there is other computers able to connect.. but anyways, its a compaq presario f500, router is Belkin G

well, fixing the problem depends on how much time u are willing to dedicate. running a system restore back to a previous date when internet worked may fix the issue, otherwise your only free option (and last resort) is to perform a system recovery, which will set your pc back to factory condition. THIS WILL ERASE ALL YOUR DATA. IF U WANT TO DO THIS, BACK UP UR DATA!!

If you don't feel like running a recovery, you can try to reset ALL internet options, and set the internet up on it from scratch. check your radio frequencies on your laptop, and make sure there is no interference. make sure the pc does not have a defect in the software relating to the internet. call your internet supplier company or manufacturer if none of this helps.