hai everyone..
is it vista supporting microsoft visual studio 2005? and which service packs that i should install??please guide..i'm still new in vista..

thank you..

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Yes, Vista supports VS'05 - I don't think any service packs have been released yet for Vista but there is one for Visual Studio '05. Oddly enough, I believe that the VS pro package includes a Mac version.


VS 2005 SP 1 made changes to make it run better in Vista (I forget the exact issues addressed, but there were a couple). VS is only supported on Windows platforms though ;)


i've already install iis7.0 in my laptop but i still cannot run my asp.net project on it..when i try to debug my project, popup msg asked me to install iis..
before this i'm using VS 2005 in XP and there is no problem..
i just needed to install the iis then run the command prompt to register iis just like this..
c://windows/microsoft.net/framework/version/aspnet_regiis.exe -i only..but when i'm used vista home premium..i stucked..i dunno how to configure it..
i really hope that somebody can helps/guides me to configure/install/run iis7.0 in vista home premium from below..
really appreciate ur cooperation to guide me ASAP..
thank you so much..

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