i am having issues with logging on to the internet with either mozilla firefox or internet explorer. i can access my e-mail and my msn account but i can't do internet. it has been this way for two days now.

i have shut off my computer, disconnected my hardline cord to the highspeed internet, and then reconected and turend the computer on. i have checked my computer for ip address, and i have scanned it for spyware and viruses. there is none of that.

i am really boggled by this for i cannot find out what is causeing this to happen. if some one could help me that would be great.

you can e-mail me at: MelHedricks@comcast.net for direct contact. i am using a seperate computer. My computer is the only one out of like 7 computers that this is happening to. so the sooner i can fix it the better i will be.



May be if you try fiddling with the security settings on your internet browser that might help. If you click on Tools>Internet Options>Security. You can try fiddling with the security settings. In case of it being set to high try puttin git to medium or low and see if that makes it possible to access other websites.

Try the same for Firefox as well.

Also try configuring your firewall settings on ur system if you have one. See how that goes and do let us know how u progress.


Yep, firewall. Uninstall it, try net access with just Windows Firewall enabled. All okay? - reinstall your firewall.

i fixed it but i had to restart my router in order to fix it. my firewall wasn't the problem apparently, but thank you for your help.

Routers have firewalls in their software, generally. Restarting your router resets it.

chech that in IE the properties of connectionare set to NEVER dial up. I ahd cleient with sma eproblemnd unless IE is set to NEVER dialup it tries first to usethe old dialupandthat confuses theADSL lins etc. BOL